Studio 808A

"DeJarnette’s production has created a beautiful, crystal clear, warm sound that the majority of Nashville studios would be hard pressed to recreate." - No depression

"{Dejarnette} is able, miraculously, to bridge the divide between studio and field recordings. On both records, the musicians treat the tunes right, but both also have the sound of a good studio record: You can hear clearly what everyone is doing all the time, and the results are warm, vibrant, and true, like what it might sound like if you were lying on the ground at a festival, the musicians in a circle around you."

-The Oldtime Herald

"Whenever I'm listening to one of your recordings, I feel like I'm inside the music, more like being in the band than watching them from afar." -Heather Krantz, DLP concerts

"Her voice is disarmingly natural, and her settings are elegantly succinct: often just the barest lattice of plucked strings (cello, guitar, banjo), with an occasional turn toward old-time swing or Haitian rhythms. Her magnificently transparent music holds tidings of family, memory, solitude and the inexorability of time: weighty thoughts handled with the lightest touch imaginable." 

-New York Times on Leyla McCalla's 2013 CD produced by Joebass.